Saturday, January 21, 2012

Urban Chic

I couldn't resist to share that a cake that Tosha and I made had a photo shoot! Everything looks stunning- from the venue, to the color scheme, to the arrangement, great job guys!

The idea for the design of the cake is Tosha's, I covered the whole thing in the sequins ( don't ask how long it took me!) and Tosha added the flowers. 
We are a great team, aren't we? :-)

Here are some pics of the cake before it went for the photo shoot:

 Photo courtesy to Ian Leavitt, Coccadots cake shop.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wear it or eat it?

Just some cute pictures of some sugar fashion. I hope you like them! :-)

Coccadotts Cakes Oct-201

Coccadotts Cakes 33305

Coccadotts Cakes Oct-203    Coccadotts Cakes Oct-202
Something for our favorite men as well. The drawing is done free hand with buttercream.
Coccadotts Cakes Oct-210     Coccadotts Cakes Oct-211

Coccadotts Cakes Oct-213

Coccadotts Cakes Oct-214

Coccadotts Cakes Oct-215

I really like how the brass detail came out.
Coccadotts Cakes Oct-239
Fancy belts are also very popular.

Coccadotts Cakes Oct-242

Coccadotts Cakes Oct-243   Coccadotts Cakes Oct-244

Coccadotts Cakes Oct-269

Some lace for cute girls!
Coccadotts Cakes Oct-272

Ruffles are my favorite!

Coccadotts Cakes Oct-2110

Coccadotts Sept 305

Believe it or not, these were life size.
IMG_20111103_093613   IMG_20111103_094501


This was the a cute miniature purse for a little girl's 7th b-day.


Miniature "girl jacket"


IMG_20111110_072311   IMG_20111202_061515


Which one is your favorite?

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