Friday, September 30, 2011

That's what it's all about!

The past couple of weeks we had some awesome projects at Coccadotts. Very challenging but fun. However, every time I make something like that...I rarely see the customers when they pick it up.
Not today.
Today I even have a picture of the person that it was for, smiling while holding his cake. And that's what it's all about, isn't it?
Rolex cake01

This cake was ordered yesterday ...for today. I freaked out a little when I saw what a big project it is ( and I still had other stuff to finish) but the project was very appealing and I am glad I had the opportunity to work on it.

So, Matt O'Connor and I created this for Frank Adams Jewelers. 
I am so lucky to work with so many talented and cool people! Thanks, Matt for all you do!

On such a short notice...and such a big cake ( take a look at it compared to my hand), we are having tons of fun! :-)
Rolex cake03

 Oh, and the handles of the watch are raised too, in case you are wondering :-)

Rolex cake05

Ta-Ta for now,


  1. Браво, Ани! Чудесна работа се свършили с този часовник, а и човекът е видимо много доволен от тортата си!

  2. Благодаря ти, Бубе! И аз много се радвам, че я харесаха. Беше поръчана буквално от единия за другия ден, а ние обикновено искаме доста повече време и аз бях много притеснена с всички останали поръчки дали ще мога да я направя, но стана. :-)


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