Sunday, August 7, 2011

Work can be fun!

It's true, work can be fun and I'll prove it to you!

Take a look at these:

Coccadotts Aug 201116 Coccadotts cakes July 2706 Coccadotts Aug 201120

Coccadotts Aug 201134 Coccadotts Aug 201127 Coccadotts Aug 201143

Coccadotts cakes July 2704

I also had the honor this week to design some case cakes too ( that are available for purchase right away on promotional price). Every week I make new designs and so far I haven't repeated them. So if you feel like buying a fondant cake for your special occasion on promotional price, stop by and visit us. :-)

Coccadotts cakes July 27-101Coccadotts cakes July 27-107

Coccadotts cakes July 27-110 Coccadotts cakes July 27-102

Coccadotts Aug 201136 Coccadotts Aug 201137

Coccadotts Aug 201125 Coccadotts Aug 201144
Coccadotts cakes July 27-115

I had fun with some details as well, check it out!
Pink elephants and Strawberries
Coccadotts cakes July 27-105   Coccadotts cakes July 27-106

Lion and a Bible
Coccadotts Aug 201110  Coccadotts Aug 201140

BBQ, Camper , anchor and a picnic table( check out the wood, the most realistic looking one I've made so far)
 Coccadotts Aug 201111    Coccadotts Aug 201104

Coccadotts Aug 201119 Coccadotts Aug 201108

Hope you enjoyed the preview,
see you next week!

P.S Don't forget Coccadotts is having viewing of the Cupcake Wars at Holliday Inn on Wolf Rd, Albany next Tuesday at 7 pm! There is going to be lots of fun, food and friends, come and see us!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cupcake Wars!

It's finally out in the open and we are allowed to tell! ;-)  Coccadotts participated in "Cupcake Wars" and they will be on Food Network on August 9th at 8 pm! 
I hope you will share the excitement and join us next Tuesday for some free cupcakes!

And here are some of the dozens of links where you can read more about the event:

You go, Coccadotts! I'm proud to be working with so many talented and wonderful people! 

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