Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's in the details...

Today I have worked on such a cute project!  A full sheet babyshower cake that was supposed to have a large scroll ( I made it with diaper ribbons) , a frog, a turtle, a stork holding a baby and a little bee. 
I loved making all these details! Here are some pictures ( with my phone again, sigh...I know, I know it sucks):
 Babyshower cake Coccadotts05

Babyshower cake Coccadotts06

Don't look at the stork's eyes, they weren't finished here :-)
Babyshower cake Coccadotts04
I also added a "hair" on the baby, but I don't have a picture of that.
Babyshower cake Coccadotts07

And a 4 inch "dainty" bra :-)))
Bra cake topper01

I'm also working on a hula girl tomorrow ( hopefully here body is dry enough) and on a friend's cake that is going to be my favorite combination of light purple and lily of the valley. If I can I'll take pictures. 

What have you been working on? Share some links! 

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