Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birthday Forecast

My son loves weather. He wants to be a meteorologist when he grows up and I know that in time if this is really his calling, he will do it. For his birthday we organized him a personal tour/lecture at the university at the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences and later at the National Weather Service. It is unnecessary to say he had a blast, heck we loved it too and we are not interested in the weather as much as him. 

So for his birthday cake he wished for a "Weather" cake. 
Piece of cake!

Kalin 8th B-day cake06
I made him a "Birthday forecast" cake with the forecast for the day, and although it was supposed to be rainy, I thought it would be nice to have a fun forecast for his birthday. 

And of course he is 8 degrees older. ;-)

Kalin 8th B-day cake01
Happy birthday, my little weather-man!


  1. Absolutely adorable...very creative :)

  2. Да ти е жив и здрав малкия голям мъж, Ани! :) Да расте все така любознателен и умен!:)
    Тортата е изключително идейна! Всеки път ти се възхищавам като надникна при теб:)

  3. Ани, много сладки торти му правиш всеки път на Калин :). Да ти е жив и здрав!

  4. Thank you, Jaime! He loved it too!

    Гери, блгодаря ти за пожеланията! Радвам се, че ти харесва тортата, отбивай се по-често! :-)

    Chiges, аз му ги правя интересни, ама и той какви интересни теми ми измисля всеки път, не е истина! :-) хахаха :-) Благодаря ти за пожеланията!


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