Sunday, April 17, 2011

Potter Barn inspired cake

This Friday I wrote a post about the baby shower gifts that I made for my son's teacher. I mentioned that the gift set included a card, a scrapbook frame, a gift box and notebook, a gift bag and a cake.
I wanted to share the cake pictures with you, because this is my first cake that was inspired by a fabric. I wanted to give it more " round" kind of shape on top, because I thought it would give it more "soft" feel, as the blanket and would make it look less like a cake and more like "fabric" object.
Potter barn kids cake26

The cake was also very small in size ( 6" round), the layers were vanilla and the filling was caramel cream.

You can check out the original Pottery Barn kids blanket that inspired the whole set: 

 And this is the cake I made in addition to the gift set:

Side view
Potter barn kids cake15

View from behind
Potter barn kids cake13

The tiny bird on top
Potter barn kids cake18

The elephant
Potter barn kids cake9

Already in the box, ready to go
Potter barn kids cake29

It was very interesting experience making everything match the Pottery Barn Kids design and I would certainly love the idea of making something similar in the future too. Of course the actual design is really cute and that made it really fun to work with. 
Let me know what you think! 


  1. Разкошна торта. Много красива и детайлно изпипана. Голям майстор си.

  2. Е, тук вече наистина ми събра погледа :о Браво Ани, признавам те!!! Отново е пипнат всеки детайл, прекланям се пред всеотдайността с която правиш всичко!!!

  3. Ани, страхотно изглежда тортата!:) Браво на теб!

  4. Благодаря ви за милите думи, Рони и Деси! Много се забавлявах с тази торта, много ми допадна идеята, а и като комплект се получи добре.

    Thanks Lulu, I'm glad you like it!

  5. Ани, много приятен мотив и прекрасна торта се е получила!

  6. Много е интересна!

  7. Радвам се, че ти харесва, Нели!


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