Friday, January 21, 2011

Yessss! ;-)

I'm proud to tell you I am featured on CakeWrecks.Com with another cake! ( for those of you who don't know- they have a Sunday Sweets section, that is for awesome cakes, not wrecks ;-)

And here is the original, my Kung Fu Panda cake!Ska-doosh! ;-)
Kung Fu Panda Cake Final0001

You can see my post how I made the Kung Fu Panda cake here:


  1. Congratulations! Your cake is awesome! i need to bake a simple cake really fast for a birthday monday. i'm making a boxed Funfetti Cake (yes i know, its blasphemy! but i have no time) with chocolate frosting, and i bought vanilla icing to use for the decorations. i haven't baked a cake in years.. we'll see how it goes!

  2. Поздравления,Ани! Тортата е страхотна!Всеки детайл е направен перфектно.

  3. Thank you so much, Dara! You'll make a beautiful cake, I'm sure!

    Благодаря ти много, Маги!

  4. congratulations! Is a beautiful cake, you are an artist!

  5. Браво, Ани! Ти го заслужаваш! Тортите ти са one of a kind! Искрено ти се възхищавам за сръчността и идеите и ти пожелавам още много предани фенове като мен :)


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