Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pinkalicious Birthday!

You know, I've always thought that my daughter wouldn't like pink since I don't.
I also thought she wouldn't be " girly colors person" in general and I took comfort in the thought that if I don't encourage her to be girly girl in the process of creating her taste, she'll be fine.
As often happens in life, parents have no idea what's coming to them until it gets them.
I started liking pink....I'll say no more! LoL :-)

" What cake do you want?" is the mandatory question before my kids birthdays and I have to tell you, the answer doesn't always come easy.
" I want a TUTU cake!" was the little birthday girl's demand this year.

"O-K! A tutu Would you like a ballerina cake?"
" No!"
"How about a princess dress cake?"
" NO! I said I want a tutu cake!"
"Well, do you want just a dress cake ?"
" NO! I WANT A TUTU CAKE!!!Just like my tutu for the birthday party"

Ok, Mommy, sit down and think. What the hell is a tutu cake?! It's not a dress cake, it doesn't have the dress on am I supposed to figure it out?

Well, first things first, I made her her tutu to wear, as you already saw:
So, after some deliberation, I made 3 sketches for her cake:



She liked No. 3, so that's how the whole thing started. 
First I had to make the mannequin and I started with a drawing:
Then I made the mannequin out of fondant and gumpaste ( 50:50):

Then I made the clothes for the mannequin, fondant and gumpaste again!
And Back:
Then I baked the cake ( chocolate layers, lemon mascarpone filling, one layer with bananas, one with raspberries)
 Some decorator's icing on top

And then I covered it with pink fondant on top, some lace, the mannequin and voilla! A tutu cake! :-)
And here is the mannequin close up

And here is the back of the mannequin:
It was extremely delicious!!! Trust me!

I hope you liked this little " behind the stage" kind of pictures! I'm off to edit more pictures of the other cakes I made this month!

Stay tuned as they say! :-)



  1. Love the cake and the decoration! So tender and elegant! Congratulations for you and your beautiful little fairy!:-)

  2. Страхотна торта Ани, да ти е жива и здрава Ели, представям си колко много се е радвала на тази красота. Добре че моите госпожици не са около мен, че видят ли я тази торта, веднага ще поискат и те такава:)

  3. Уау, торта като за истинска госпожица :). Прелестна е! А дантелата отстрани е изключителна!

  4. Ани, невероятна торта! Толкова нежна и детски чиста :) Браво!
    п.п. да полюбопитствам - бялата украса отстрани как я направи?

  5. Wow! what a wonderful cake! thanks a lot for this tutorial!and also looks sooo delicious!
    Kisses from Spain!

  6. Ама наистина е страхотна тортата! Знае детето какво да иска! Да ти е жива , здрава и жизнерадостна!

  7. Ани, пак ме разби...
    Страхотно изпълнение!
    Да ви е жива и здрава Ели, хубава, умна и талантлива като майка си! ;)

  8. Ани, не може да му се отрече на детето, че има много точно око за хубавото. Избрало е най-добрия вариант! Да ти е жива и здрава и все така да те стимулира в създаването на нов дизайн. Тортата е невероятна!

  9. Благодаря ви за хубавите коментари, много радват душата! :-)
    Краси, бялата украса е от фондан + Роял айсинг. Всеки елемент е изрязван парче по парче ( дупките се изрязват една по една, не искам да ти обяснявам колко време отнема), после лепен и после съм доукрасявала с Роял айсинг.

  10. Ани,
    честит празник на твоята малка принцеса!
    Тортата е много нежна, елегантна и момичешки розова. Перфектна!
    Браво на теб!

  11. SO pretty and it looks so delicious! :) Happy Belated Birthday!

  12. You are amazing.

    Thanks so much for adding us to your "fave Cake-ists" list. We have added you to our "Exchange Links." See for yourself.

    January Asia & Steven Hui

  13. Thank you all! I'm glad you like the cake!

    January Asia & Steven Hui, thank you so much! I really enjoy your blog too!

  14. In my latest post, I mentioned you, your blog, and one of your recipes. See for yourself:

    January Asia

  15. Wow, thank you! I'll return the favor soon! :-)


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