Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kermit Mums with a simple daisy cutter!

This is a short tutorial how to make Kermit mums that I've previously presented to you through my " Wedding cake to remember" post.
If you have missed that post and want to see the original cake, check this out:
A wedding cake to remember post

Here is a quick and inexpensive way to make Kermit Mums with a regular Wilton Daisy cut out set!
Joleyn CakeS0010

* I have used the Scott Clark Woolley's gum paste recipe, he gave a very nice detailed instruction how to mix it, check it out!

You will need:

- a walnut size gum paste
- a small rolling pin
- the Wilton daisy cut outs
- some corn starch
- something to cover your gum paste ( a box, a bag, a cup...)
- some soda caps ( large bottles of Pepsi, mineral water etc)( I've used the caps, but you can use anything that has a similar shape will work!)
- a ball shape gum paste tool ( or something like it)
- small brush and water

* Note: You don't have to use particular tools for this! If you find something with a useful shape, you can use virtually anything!

Making the Kermit Mums- read the instructions and then watch the movie!

1. Roll out the gum paste and cut 4 medium and 6 small size daisy cutouts.

2. Take a damp brush ( not wet!) and wet the center of one of the medium cutouts then add another one of the medium cutouts on top of it. Repeat with the rest of the medium cutouts as you rotate the petals, so you can't see the surface underneath ( i.e the table).

3. When you finish with all of the medium cutouts, repeat the same with the small cutouts.

4. Brush with damp brush the center of the top medium cutout and place all of the small cutouts on top. With the smallest ball-shape tool ( dipped in cornstarch first!) go through all of them at once. Remove the flower from the ball-shaped tool.

5. With a damp brush go over the middle of the top smallest cutout. Adjust the petals to look more realistic and place in the bottle cap you have ready.

6. Let them dry as long as possible, can be used as soon as 30 min after preparation. For best results wait a day or so.

I hope you find this tutorial useful!
If you did and want to see the Gerbera daisy tutorial for the same cake, check it out here!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pinkalicious Birthday!

You know, I've always thought that my daughter wouldn't like pink since I don't.
I also thought she wouldn't be " girly colors person" in general and I took comfort in the thought that if I don't encourage her to be girly girl in the process of creating her taste, she'll be fine.
As often happens in life, parents have no idea what's coming to them until it gets them.
I started liking pink....I'll say no more! LoL :-)

" What cake do you want?" is the mandatory question before my kids birthdays and I have to tell you, the answer doesn't always come easy.
" I want a TUTU cake!" was the little birthday girl's demand this year.

"O-K! A tutu Would you like a ballerina cake?"
" No!"
"How about a princess dress cake?"
" NO! I said I want a tutu cake!"
"Well, do you want just a dress cake ?"
" NO! I WANT A TUTU CAKE!!!Just like my tutu for the birthday party"

Ok, Mommy, sit down and think. What the hell is a tutu cake?! It's not a dress cake, it doesn't have the dress on am I supposed to figure it out?

Well, first things first, I made her her tutu to wear, as you already saw:
So, after some deliberation, I made 3 sketches for her cake:



She liked No. 3, so that's how the whole thing started. 
First I had to make the mannequin and I started with a drawing:
Then I made the mannequin out of fondant and gumpaste ( 50:50):

Then I made the clothes for the mannequin, fondant and gumpaste again!
And Back:
Then I baked the cake ( chocolate layers, lemon mascarpone filling, one layer with bananas, one with raspberries)
 Some decorator's icing on top

And then I covered it with pink fondant on top, some lace, the mannequin and voilla! A tutu cake! :-)
And here is the mannequin close up

And here is the back of the mannequin:
It was extremely delicious!!! Trust me!

I hope you liked this little " behind the stage" kind of pictures! I'm off to edit more pictures of the other cakes I made this month!

Stay tuned as they say! :-)


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