Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guilt free and healthy cake!


Isn't that everyone's dream? To eat as much cake as you want and to be healthy?

Since I often get " yeah, your cakes are great, but the calories, ah...the calories..." I decided for a change  to post something I call " a guilt free fruit cake", which is my answer to my husband's diet this year.
For the past 2 years he starts a diet around his birthday and this presents a real challenge for me in the cake front, but what can I say....the person who can challenge me beyond my imagination isn't born yet ! :-)

 Most of you probably remember the post about the "cake" I made for him last year, when he didn't eat anything for 2 weeks( only tea and water). This year things were easy, HE EATS FRUIT!

So, voila- 2 tier cake out of fruit ONLY!

 You will need:

1 watermelon
2 cups blueberries
3 kiwi
3 peaches
 * you can use any fruit you have, that's just what I used today!

1 small VERY SHARP knife

 1. Wash the watermelon, blueberries, kiwi and peaches thoroughly.  
2. Cut 2 large thick slices of watermelon- one larger than the other. This will be your "tiers"
3. Cut the edges like a fan with the small sharp knife on the bottom " tier" of the cake, then repeat with the smaller top tier. 
4. Arrange the fruit on top of the tiers.

I apologize for the lack of pictures during the process but I made it in a hurry in the morning before everyone woke up, so I had no time to take some.

As you can see, the cake looks good even in pieces! :-)

Enjoy and make the birthday of someone special around you even more fun with this guilt free and healthy cake!


  1. Уау, Ани, изумителна е!!!

  2. what an amazing idea! i need to make these for the ladies at work. no one wants sweet on their bday anymore.. everyone's on weight watchers. this would be a hit!

  3. Страхотна е. Много красива и оригинална.

  4. Ани, зашеметяваща е тортата! (както и миналогодишната, между другото)
    Да ти е жив и здрав съпругът и да те глези така, както ти него!


  5. Да ти е жив и здрав рожденника!
    Тортата е страхотна, много идейна.
    Прелестно красива.

  6. Ани, страхотна торта си му сътворила :D. Много ме впечатли :). Вече очаквам следващата :D.
    Поздрав най- сърдечен за съпруга ти!

  7. Еее, супер е. Страшно красива.

  8. Страхотна идея и прекрасна реализация!
    Най-добри пожелания за рожденика!


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