Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Breaking news!!! I am on Cake Wrecks!

Well, somebody might say, " Oh, no!!! You are on Cake Wrecks!" but I say
Oh, YES baby!!! I'm on Cake Wrecks!!!

If you don't know yet, Cake wrecks has a Sunday Sweets issue, that actually features awesome cakes ( during the week is the wreck stuff :-) )

Soooo, here it is, the posting that Jen was so good to add my cake to!

I read all the comments (I had no idea I was featured the previous Sunday, just found out) and I was blown away how many people think that fondant cake=not delicious or as one of the people called fondant cakes - " Styrofoam" cakes!

I think I'll have to have a special post about it, because I really want to find out why on earth people would think that and what the hell did their friends serve them on their weddings, so they can start this anti-fondant cake nonsense.

It's not down to TASTE OR LOOKS, but it needs a GOOD BAKER and a GOOD BUDGET. If you compromise on one of the two, of course you'll have to compromise on the taste and looks as well.
It is as simple as that.

Loosing 10 lbs and being featured on Cake wrecks "nice cake" edition calls for celebration!!! :-)

Off I go! :-)


  1. Ани, поздравления! Тортите ти са невероятни и всяка от тях има място в Cake wrecks, но тази е много изящна и ми е една от любимите.

  2. Благодаря ти много!!! :-)

  3. Congratulations Annie!! i have sweet tooth so i love love fondant cake..waiting for your special post.. ;)

  4. Поздравления,Ани!
    Напълно заслужаваш всяко едно признание!Тортите ти са като невероятни произведения на изкуството!
    Толкова старание,любов и изящество има в тях...

  5. Thank you QIS!!!

    Краси, благодаря ти много, мила! От твоите уста е голямо признание!

  6. Ани,
    поздравления! Ти твориш с много усърдие и изящество. Тортата е много красива, винаги я наблюдавам с възторг. Страхотно!


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