Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Two peas in two pods" - baby shower cake!


I love making baby shower cakes! There is something amazing about making a cake for a person that is not born yet, magical!
It's like you know they are there, but you can't see them, you can't hear them, you can't talk to them, but somehow they are the most important customer you have and you want to go great lengths to please them.


When a friend called me with a request to make a cake for the baby shower she is organizing, I was thrilled! I have million ideas for baby shower cakes!!!
But the situation was not that simple.


First of all, the cake was supposed to be a surprise and it was not only for 2 pregnant women at the same time, but they were pregnant with a baby boy and a baby girl. A tough one.
But not as tough if you actually know the people you are making it for.
Unfortunately I didn't know them, so I had to figure out what they would like.
I was thinking and thinking...and thinking...and thinking..
Million ideas I said, eh? Try again! :-)


No matter what I was thinking of, I always came back to the idea of 2 peas in a pod. I had no idea how I'll do it, but I knew it would be good :-).

So, I decided to take a huge risk and make the cake green. Not only green, but VERY green green! And with vegetables!!! Peas!!! I probably was crazy, but somehow I knew it would work.


I made the 2 little babies, the pea pods, the little "tags" they were supposed to have with "baby boy" and "baby girl" on them.

I even called my friend and asked her what was the mothers' hair color, so I can have the babies with the same hair :-) It was cute!

2PeasInAPod25 2PeasInAPod26 2PeasInAPod1160 2PeasInAPod1159
And then I made a lot of sweet pea flowers, little peas, little sprouts :-) I made the contour of the cake with royal icing, imitating green peas :-)

They loved it and I was very happy and proud the risk was worth it.
They liked it so much that each woman took their baby's figure home for a keepsake :-)

I'll make a short tutorial on the babies later this week.

Hope you enjoy it! :-)


  1. Can you post the recipe of this cake?? Im trying to make it for my best friend's baby shower..and I fell in love with this cake! If you want, you can email me too:

    Thank you so much! This cake is lovely!!!

  2. Hi, here is how I made the babies, you['ve probably seen that already, but just in case :-)

    The recipe is very simple. For this cake I used ready made chocolate and vanilla layers with walnut ganache and in the middle it had fresh strawberries.

    I will post the whole thing a little bit later today if you've never made ganache before, but it's very easy, really.
    Look for a new post in the recipe section this afternoon! :-)
    Let me know if I can help you with something else!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I've posted the recipe here:

    Please, do share pictures when you are ready with the cake! :-)

  5. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! I will definitely share the pictures with you!!!



  6. Здравей, Ани. Скоро ще правя торта и се чудех как използваш Patchwork Cutter-ите - дали преди да бъде сложен фондана върху тортата, или директно върху нея?

  7. Ирина, не съм много сигурна, че разбирам за кое точно ме питаш. Аз нямам patchwork cutter-и, това което съм правила като patchwork съм си изрязвала формичките на ръка. Обясни за кое питаш, за да знам как да ти отговоря :-)

  8. Ами май и аз не мога много добре да обяснявам :-) Става въпрос за втория етаж на тортата, него как си го направила? :-) Искам нещо такова да постигна, но не знам как...

  9. Сега разбрах :-) Този дизайн не се прави с patchwork cutters.

    За него може да се използва или textured rolling pin като тези :

    Или силиконово килимче като тези:

    Аз не можах да разбера за какво говориш, защото на ето това се казва patchwork cutters и се използва със съвсем друга цел:

    С две думи, разточваш малко по-дебело лист фондан, после го слагаш в/у килимчето, минаваш с него в една посока отгоре до долу и си готова. :-) Питай ако има още нещо!


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