Monday, May 11, 2009

1st Communion gum paste adventure- Part II

Ta-da, the cake is here! :-)

As I mentioned in the previous post, I have made a 1st communion cake for a friend of mine's daughter.
The cake was with 5 chocolate layers and caramel-coconut cream. I've brushed the layers with caramel-brandy sauce and I have to tell you the taste was unbelievable! The cake was so moist and creamy and the candied walnuts gave it a little bit of crunch. Very interesting combination, I'll definitely make it again.

Only the candle is real, everything else is edible. The flowers are completely edible ( except the flower wire) too, the handkerchief is a replica of one that the girl's grandmother left for her. If you want to read more about it, check out my previous post.


I have made the lace golden-ish color, because I wanted to give it more of a "old lace" feeling.

The cross is edible too.


View from the back


I was so excited about the cake that I forgot to buy white ribbon to place around the board and when I was to late. But well, at least the girl liked it a lot :-)


If you want to see more pictures of the cake or flowers, check out my Flickr album.



  1. Ани,поздравления за чудесният блог! Бих искала да споделя с теб една слънчева награда! Би ли се отбила на блога ми за да си я получиш :-)

    Слънчеви поздрави, Милена

  2. Невероятна торта,с много стил и финес!!!Поздравления!

  3. Всичко, което правиш, е невероятно изпипано, но тази е една от най- любимите ми торти. Много е нежна!
    Честит да ти е сайта!

  4. Милена, не знам защо не съм видяла досега този коментар! Благодаря ти за наградата, макар и да не съм я получила все още, но съм трогната от вниманието и това, че харесваш блога ми :-)

    Нанита, благодаря ти много! :-)

    Chiges, благодаря за милите думи! Това беше моята първа торта с цветя от gum paste и много се притеснявах, но та пък наистина се получи много добре :-)


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